Ray Delmuro  |  Reclamation & Glass

In early 2008, having been back in the States for a year, I found that small bottle-cutting kit online. The kit contained a small scoring jig and a candle to separate the bottle, along with some sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges. The first glass took me hours to complete to my liking, and I knew there had to be a way to create really nice, smooth, melted rims.  My friends who saw the first few glasses I made at the house had such animated responses I immediately knew the glasses had untapped potential.

All of the bottles we use come directly from our community and are collected by businesses and individuals in our local area. Our team has learned that if we can create passion and utility in the lives of others then it will help us have more in our own. And it’s carrying out this process with you by our side that we enjoy the most. You’re our most important partner and we couldn’t pull this off without you. Thank you for believing in and supporting us!