Marnie Brookins  |  Glass

Always building and creating in one form or another, we have done or tried everything from painting, knitting, and beadwork jewelry to furniture. (Not too many women can say they sleep in a bed their husband built!) We had worked with stained glass for many years before becoming fascinated with fused and blown glass. Never afraid of trying something new, we purchased our first kiln. Although we have very little formal art training, we have had a tremendous amount of help and input from other artists and extremely grateful to everyone.

After creating our first few pieces we realized we had finally found that outlet we had both been searching for. The color, depth and versatility of glass allow us so much creativity. Most of our pieces are functional and designed to bring beauty and fun to everyday items. With the exception of a few decorative wall pieces they are meant to be used and enjoyed. Fused glass is our passion; with it we can express ourselves in a way that hopefully brings joy and beauty to others.