Cobi Benton  |  Fibers

Knitting is my passion and has been for a long, long time. Baby sweaters are my specialty. When I am knitting, the world could fall apart and I would not notice. My Dutch Grandmother, Jacoba (Coba), taught me to knit at a very early age.

I knitted for the soldiers in World War II. In those days the soldiers liked to wear knitted dark khaki green or brown pullover sweaters. There was a group that encouraged us to make hand-knit sweaters for them. When my three sons were little they could literally burn the house down and if I was knitting everything was fine. My husband didn't like to watch TV alone and since I was an avid reader I could not respond at the appropriate laugh times, so I took up knitting again. I started keeping a photo album of my creations, dating back to 1972. One picture is of my Grandniece wearing a baby poncho from about 36 years ago. I am so delighted now to have a picture of her daughter Sophie wearing the very same poncho.

The process of counting, following directions, formulating designs in my mind, as well as referring to inspiring books, convinces me that knitting wards off senility; I hope. It is pure enjoyment to make each unique hand knitted garment and I hope they become treasured and give pleasure.