Alley Yerger  |  Ceramics

I am returning to ceramics after many years working in the fields of horticulture, landscape architecture, environmental planning and teaching. My inspiration comes from things around me, my kids and traveling. Often, I start out making something with an idea and then it will evolve into something completely different. I use things I find around the house, street, alleys, yard sales or at thrift stores for textures. 

I love experimenting. My goal this last year was to try every clay color and glaze mixture available and experiment with making different types of items. I have narrowed down my tastes and found I enjoy the darker colored clays and making garden pots. The darker clays remind me more of the earth and I love to grow succulents!

Presently, no other stores carry my work. I would love to make ceramics as a part time job. For now it is a hobby that feels good, provides something practical, local, eco-friendly and revitalizes me at the end of a busy work day.