Troy Moody  |  Glass

I've been called an artist, craftsman, artisan, designer, glass guy, glass technician, window builder and a glazier. I take tremendous pride in my craftsmanship and as such I feel it is a great compliment to be considered a craftsman. However, when I am alone at the workbench or painting easel and the world dissolves around me, moments when I am lost in the high white noise of the creative process, locked into the immediate razzle-dazzle of a project, those are the times I feel I am closest to being an artist.

We are each influenced by the beautiful strangeness surrounding us, each by our individual encounters, everything we see, read, hear or experience, by the lives we lead, the conversations we share and the people we meet. I find my inspiration in the abundance of love and the absurdities of life, by smokey Sadhu sunsets, my grandmother’s enchiladas, foot bridges in Vermont, my amazing wife and my beautiful son. I am inspired by the textures and patterns of the natural world, by spontaneity and intuition, by open roads, unknown horizons, intimate spaces and vast stretches of wilderness, by the laugh of children, a stranger’s smile, the roar of thunder and the screams of wild peacocks, by dirty history and clean knowledge, vagabond bliss and domestic equanimity, movement, kindness, quite minds, bold actions and odd silent moments.