Writing & Drawing with Christopher Jagmin


Saturday, JULY 27th, from 2pm-4pm | Cost: $35

Memoir and Pattern

Participants will write a story or short sentence in their using
stencils, their own (or stylized) handwriting, or tracings of
typefaces. This writing can be about how they feel… how they want
others to see them… a mantra that is important… an affirmation that
they use in their life, etc. (I have samples and prompts for them if
they are unsure). Then we will discover how patterns and shapes in the
written word can make art that is more than just a pretty picture.
When Christopher makes his word art, he often times discovers (good
and bad) patterns in his life choices.

We will use tracing paper, stencils, rulers, colored pencils, markers,
micron pens, and typeface printouts to make work on paper.

Christopher Jagmin draws words to dig deep into his personal life by
questioning everything he thought to be true. Embracing his love of
graphic design, typography, poetry, and American folk art, he uses
word play, and memoir writing, he finds humor in his vulnerabilities.

Everyone has a personal story to tell, and in this workshop,
Christopher asks participants to bring their personal journals,
personal stories, or lists of goals or affirmations to this workshop
and make art that is uniquely autobiographical.

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