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Ring Making with Alex Ozers


Alex is gracing us with not just one ring workshop this Saturday, but two! Take one class, or take both!

Morning Session - Saturday, February 23rd, from 11am-1pm | Cost: $50

Ring Making: Sign up for the morning session to learn how to texture, stamp, and emboss a sterling silver ring. Improve your technical skills and learn to solder (with close assistance). Finish off your piece with a patina bath and steel wool. You'll size your ring in class, but, if intended as a gift, please have the size in mind when you attend.

Afternoon Session: - Saturday, February 23rd, from 2pm-1pm | Cost: $50

Basic Ring Embellishment: We'll learn how to use contrasting metals in various forms and shapes to craft a more complex ring. Though we'll only be covering basic techniques, students should have a previous understanding of torch soldering and basic fabrication. The afternoon class will pick up where the morning class left off.

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PA Make and Take 01.jpg
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ringmaking with ozers-02.jpg