Patricia Sannit  |  Ceramics

Patricia Sannit works mainly in sculptural and functional expressions of clay.  She works in both pure, white, porcelain, and lovely, gritty, found and reclaimed stoneware clays. All of her pieces are hand made, and all are unique. Sannit loves clay, and likes for it to be itself, sometimes leaving cracks and marks that are natural to the material.Raised in a Swedish-American home, Patricia Sannit started to study art while attending college in Norway. After finishing the program in ceramics, she returned to the USA and received her BA in Art History, Norwegian, and Fine Art from the University of Minnesota. Sannit then attended California College of Art where she was awarded her MFA withHigh Distinction. Post grad, Sannit worked on archeological sites in the Near East and Ethiopia, excavating and studying archaic cultures and art. Sannit’s work connects with her archeological experiences and her research into the migration of people and ideas, art and culture. Human culture and universal experiences resonate through her work.