Pam Harrison  |  Ceramic

I have been creating with clay since l978. I enjoy raku firing, pit firing and high fire techniques. I began in clay by making braided bowls and have continued with them in various forms until today. The three strands of the braid represent our body, mind, and spirit. They exemplify the perfect balance within us. I also design angels, healing hands, loving couples, flying men and women, and totem poles. Much of my work is whimsical. I am interested in creating work that encourages people to feel better and to make them smile. I am drawn to creating pieces with meaning. Clay is the perfect medium to express my connection with the five elements in wall pieces and sculptures. In addition, I enjoy creating commissioned wall pieces, and design “Spirit Masks” from a mold of a person’s face. I love to become completely absorbed in a project, which is easy to do with clay.