Paige Singer  |  Jewelry  |  Phoenix, AZ

Artist Statement

I don’t sit still well.  Some nights, after verbally chasing my kids all day, I enjoy watching television alongside my husband.  But I don’t sit still well.  And my continuous comings and goings quickly drive my husband to shoot me pursed lip snarls and impatient glares.  To occupy my restlessness while we disengage our brains from the day, we find it best that I wrestle with wire.  So, I bend and shape and snip and create.  And when it’s late and we flip the tube’s switch off, we not only feel relaxed and renewed, but I have a shiny, conquered, unique, wearable, artsy product in my hand.  Life is grand… veg on.

Q&A with Paige Singer

What process/materials did you use to create your artwork?  Wire

What inspires you to create and what inspires your work?  Inactivity,  Simplicity

If you had to describe your artwork in 5 words or less, what words would you use?  Simple, Accessible, Stress Free, Replacable

What other artists inspire you? What's your favorite artwork?Artists who create functional work.  Art I can eat, preferably with lots of chocolate ;-)

What do you want your viewers to know about you as an artist (if anything?)  My art does not cause me stress.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?  Do and only keep what makes you happy.

What is your favorite artist tool?  Jigsaw, but not for making jewelry ;-)

What is your dream project?  To build a super functional and unique Chicken Coop.

What do you like about your work?  You can wear it.

How has your practice or process changed over time?  More hammering, more wire, less winding.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?  When someone compliments my earrings, not knowing I made them.

Why art?  Why not?