Lisa Harnish  |  Ceramic

Lisa Harnish first began working with clay in January 2002. Her initial education in ceramics began at Chandler Gilbert Community College, and continues to this day. In addition to classes at CGCC, she also takes numerous local and regional workshops to learn new techniques and gather inspiration. 

Her work focuses primarily on wheel thrown porcelain vessels. Her forms feature smoothly transitioned curves that invite the hand to caress them. Surface decoration techniques varies but her specialty is sgraffito in colored terra sigillata. This technique uses a highly refined thin slip colored with metallic oxides brushed onto bone dry greenware. A design is then incised into the terra sigillata, and the negative space around the drawings is carved away, leaving a textured surface. The drawn designs take their inspiration from nature, such as seaweed waving in the water, or plant vines that wind their way around a bottle. Lisa’s goal is to have the plants appear to grow out of the stone surface of the vessel.