Krista Peterson  |  Ceramic

Krista Peterson has been an artist for more than 20 years in the Phoenix area. She got her BA at Arizona State University and has been involved with many different facets of art over the years. She started her career as a draftswoman and eventually became enamored with ceramics and has added painting to her repertoire. She derives many of her ideas, compositions and forms from nature. "Where else would you find inspiration? Art is an expression of the human condition, filtered through artists' personalities and culture for the purposes of reflection. Ceramics mirrors this in its process. The interaction that happens between the clay and the glaze is like the interaction between our bodies and our personalities. The atmosphere of the kiln atmosphere on the work of art is similar to how our environment and society affect us." Krista's work is all handmade and every piece is an individual as well as part of a set.