Katherine Farr  |  Fibers

I am Katherine Farr and I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. I have been working with fibers all of my life. In my youth it was knitting and crocheting along with sewing taught by my mother and grandmother. During college I tried a small tapestry loom and I knew I was hooked on weaving. It was not until 1985 that I began to take lessons on a floor loom. Knitting, sewing, and weaving are the tools of my creations ranging from garments to household textiles. I have taken a variety of lessons and workshops though much of my learning has been from books and chatting with other fiber folks.

My fiber work tends to focus on the color blending employing simple structures to create functional pieces. My finished work includes household textiles, fabric lengths, garments, and wall hangings. Hats are my favorite small item right now, though scarves, shawls, and table runners are also in my repertoire. Sometimes I combine woven fabrics with knitting to create sweaters and jackets. Attention to detail tends to flow through all parts of my life. Fiber work has been a welcome balance to the professional world whose long-term environmental planning projects take much longer to complete than most of my current fiber items. Working with various textures and colors has provided a needed creative focus over the last 20 years.

It will be interesting to see how my focus shifts and changes as fibers become a more full-time adventure. Right now I continue to try a variety of different products, though each is something I like to create. As long as it is fun for me and I continue to learn and grow the fiber-based creations will continue to evolve. Recently I have renewed my interest in quilting and have created some table runners along with wall quilts and a few baby quilts. Rug making is the next sort of weaving I want to focus on.