John Ryszka  |  Glass

John first discovered glass at Vincennes University, where he was studying graphic art and design. He took Scientific and Decorative Glass Blowing as an elective. At the same time, an artist, whose work included sculptures with incorporated neon lights, came through the school’s on-campus gallery. John says he couldn’t stay out of the gallery. He would make detours between classes just to catch a few more glimpses of the moody, aura-invoking art. This exhibit, together with the scientific glass blowing class, had such an impact on him that he decided to study neon instead of graphic art. John enrolled in the National Neon Institute in Benicia, CA, where the love of glass would take hold of his life.

In Benicia, John immersed himself in glass. He studied neon and flame working, started fusing glass, and frequently visited the glass blowing studios to watch and to learn. In 2003, John moved to Phoenix, AZ to become a full time neon tube bender at Neon Nightscapes. He continued his studies in Arizona, taking classes at the Mesa Art Center, the Sonoran Glass Art Academy, and J Street Glass. In 2007, John began teaching at J Street Glass. John now owns and runs Glass Phoenix.