Jim Ralston  |  Jewelry

Aristotelian: art (design) imitates nature in her mode of operation.

Man, like nature and, potentially, as part of nature, channels forces to create forms. The forms then are not inert, but manifestations of equilibrium. Jim Ralston is an artist, a skilled craftsman, and a commercial restoration specialist respected internationally for his expertise in design and building processes. With 26 years of masonry and architectural precast experience, as well as being on the forefront of the current GFRC concrete countertop movement.

"But if by digressions, we can reach new truth, what harm is there in making one now, so that we may not lose this knowledge, remembering also that we are not tied down to a fixed and brief method but that we meet solely for our own entertainment? Indeed, who knows but that we may thus frequently discover something more interesting and beautiful than the solution originally sought?" - Galileo