Jamaica Russo  |  Jewelry

My name is Jamaica Russo, and I am a local jewelry artist. I do a lot of different mediums, but my work is focused around metal mostly, with a fusion of other techniques. This the name of my jewelry line, "Metal Fuze". I do wire wrapping, classic metal-smithing, metal clay, and enamel. I'm just getting established in this area after a 2-year hiatus, and moving here from Florida.

I use a lot of recycled materials in some of my things, as well as having a supplier for silver wire that uses all recycled sources. I use the most basic materials to create my jewelry, and most items are created entirely by hand out of sheet, and wire, and a few beads or whatever, rather than using pre-fabricated items... I tend to make my findings and such. I actually made a lot of findings for a few years, I had a handmade findings shop online and had buyers all over the world. My inspirations are nature, music, color, line, and message. I aim to walk my own path with my art, and so my pieces are very different, and original, but also appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Before my hiatus I sold in a lot of places in Florida as well as all over the world, at shows, galleries, shops, and online.