Practical Art is a place to find truly useful, beautifully designed one-of-a-kind items that are locally made with care. Please review our web site and visit us to be certain that your artistic style is aligned with the aesthetic of practical art: locally handmade, classic styling of practical, usable, quality-made goods, at a fair price.

We do not represent items that are primarily imported, manufactured, duplicated or made by machine, even if they were designed, decorated or enhanced by an artist. All items submitted to practical art must be entirely locally hand crafted by you. Of course using any customarily-used tools or minor machined parts for the craftwork is fine.

Some of our quirks:

  1. We do not carry things that were bought at IKEA or the like and decorated by an artist
  2. We do not carry any jewelry that primarily features stones or manufactured beads that were purchased by the artist.
  3. We do not carry anything made from leather or silk.

Practical Art operates exclusively on a standard consignment basis, meaning that our artisans are paid (promptly) after the artwork sells. We do not require exclusive contracts with you, so you are free to sell your work anywhere else at your stated retail price. We support and promote our artisans in many ways including opportunities to have private events for your customers at our store. Talk to us more to find out more!

We do not regularly represent artists who make decorative art such as paintings,  photography, sculpture or other non-functional media. Please see our Solo Artist Show Guidelines if you are interested in a limited one-month show on our gallery wall.

If you believe your work meets our directives, please fill out the form below for our consideration.


Thank you for considering Practical Art to represent your work!


Practical Art is a place where the average person can afford truly useful, functional, beautifully designed one-of-a kind items that are locally made.

In addition to our regular inventory of craft work from more than 125 Arizona artists, we also invite 12 individual Arizona artists each year to have a solo show on our 32 foot gallery wall, for one month each. We seek to help “emerging” or “undiscovered” Arizona artists who have not yet been represented by a commercial gallery and perhaps have not yet had a solo show in a gallery. The representation is limited to the 30 days of the solo show, and is non-exclusive. Some of the things we provide our solo artists each month include significant PR for the show, we design and provide a supply of postcards for the artist’s show, and we host an opening reception, typically on the First Friday of the month of the show. The work is sold on the standard gallery consignment basis.

One of the goals of Practical Art is to show our customer that owning “real” art can be affordable. Therefore the retail price (the price it sells for) of the work we offer during the solo shows is generally well under $800.

If you are an artist interested in this opportunity, please provide us with the following information:

  • Your biography or resume, (include your arts education)
  • The media in which you work
  • Your theme, title and inspiration for your proposed show
  • The source of your materials used (we encourage sustainable design and re-use of materials)
  • 3 to 5 images of your work via email.
  • Your retail prices. (Note: we can help you with this.)

Please do not submit a physical portfolio of paintings or other work for consideration unless we ask you to come in, by appointment.

Due to the volume of fine art work that we are asked to review, and the press of regular business at practical art, we cannot review work on a drop-in basis. We apologize, but we may not get back to you in a timely manner.

Email applications to