Gwynne Sullivan  |  Fibers

A portion of my work, the "Kittyknitter" line, is dedicated to generating donations to a local nonprofit called Altered Tails, which works to spay and neuter animals in the city of Phoenix, preventing overpopulation. A December 2009 graduate from the ASU Masters program in Communication and Social Advocacy, I am interested in community organization, neighborhood revitalization and education.

In addition to knitting, I’m interested in plants, bicycles, art and design, music, travel, camping, singing and spinning yarn. My husband and I travel around to campsites and beaches in our VW Westfalia camper van, full of fiber and a spinning wheel. My favorite pastime is trying to uncover and execute cool ideas. My long-term goal is to make them work and keep them coming: don't lose the muse! I hope you enjoy my knitted pieces as much as I enjoyed making them!