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"People, Places + Pop" a Polaroid exhibit by Steve Hanson

Artist Reception:
Third Friday, September 16th, from 6-9
September 1-30

People, Places + Pop is a celebration of real photographs. In the new era of digital photos, it has been estimated that more photographs are taken each year than the entire history of analogue photography. Tangible photos that you can have and hold have become uncommon.

In many ways the Polaroid format offers us the best of both the old and the new, the nostalgia of having printed photographs and the instant gratification of getting a result right away. Polaroids allow us to capture that magical moment on the spot and get a touchable photo. Each Polaroid becomes a unique, one-of-a-kind physical photograph.   

People, Places + Pop presents contemporary surroundings. People who are social influencers, Places of architectural significance and locations where people seek solace, and Pop the branded, commercial landscape we live in day after day.

The exhibit will feature Polaroids from Steve's "Polaroid of the Day" series on Facebook along with new and experimental images. Everyone will also have the opportunity to shoot a Polaroid for display at Practical Art.

To learn more about Steve's Polaroid work, visit