Saturday, October 15th, from 2pm-4pm | Cost: FREE | Email to RSVP

Re-Thanks: a community expression of recycled gratitude!

In association with the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Artist’s Residency at the 27th Avenue Solid Waste Management Facility, artist Ann Morton is orchestrating a new community project that builds awareness of the city’s generation of recyclable trash through an invitation to participants to make and offer their gratitude to the workers at 27th Ave. – who touch this trash each day, and on whose work we rely to keep order in our daily lives.

Participating makers will craft individual gestures of gratitude in the form of flowers made from their own recyclable trash – plastics, aluminum, cardboard. Once made, these flowers will be assembled as a cascading textile-like display that replicates the seemingly unending flow of recyclables we generate and that these workers sort everyday – but, this flow will be transformed into seemingly endless gratitude, because each flower will carry a note of thanks from its maker. After the installation, selected flowers will be re-assembled into gifts to present to each worker.

Event Details:

1.) Visit to learn about the project, then go to the “Volunteer!” page to look over the three tutorials.
2.) Print out the tutorial(s) you are interested in making.
3.) Decide what materials you want to work with: Aluminum cans, printed cardboard, or plastic cups/bottles
4.) Gather your supplies: Misc. beads, plastic straws, bottle caps, buttons, pull tabs, junk mail paper + (one of the above flower materials - cleaned and ready to use)
5.) Gather a few tools (if you have them): scissors or garden snippers (that can cut plastic, cardboard or aluminum), an awl or ice pick or corn-on-the-cob picks, needle nose pliers

If you don’t have supplies or tools, Ann will bring some extra + a drill, glue gun, staplers, floral wire and thank you tags for your flowers.

And who knows, you might love making these flowers so much, you’ll sign up for more!

October 11
Uptown P.E.N.