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LISTICLES + CLICKBAIT works by Christopher Jagmin

Reception for the artist:
THIRD Friday July 19th, from 7-9
July 1-31

Using pen and ink to write lists, mantras and affirmations,
Christopher Jagmin mines humor from personal anxiety, pain, and fears.
Part memoir, part flag making, he wants to express a modern-day folk
art language.

Artist Statement:
Part memoir, part flag making, my art practice explores and questions
everything that I thought I knew. These “tell-all” works shout out my
heartbreaks, disappointments, anxieties, joys, guilt, sexuality,
triumphs, religious beliefs, vulnerabilities, and fears in patterns
using paint, drawing and assemblage to make a connection with the
current American experience. I lure the viewer with humor and the
promise of empathy, but hope to sting with a reminder that we all live
with self-doubt and shared pain.
Informed by reciting prayers and the rosary I practiced as a Catholic
schoolboy, repetition and ritual calmed me. As an adult, I found
continued solace in affirmations and mantras, the kind doled out by
gurus, shamans, and hucksters of self-help movements. These
“religious” rites (and more) helped to distract from abuse, any
decision-making, and fear.

These past coping methods have now invigorated in me a hopeful kind of
modern-day folk art language. I want to take back the words that have
defined me while poking fun of my frailties and finding a common
American vocabulary.