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"Deep End Practice" works by Abbey Messmer

Reception for the artists:
Saturday June 15th, from 5-8
June 1-30

New Works by Abbey Messmer.

For the last seven years, Abbey Messmer has been obsessed with water.  Water is life. Water is community. Water is meditation.  Water is a portal to a parallel dimension. Paintings in this on-going series delight in organic mutations of the figure and landscape as seen from a subterranean aquatic vantage point.  Aside from the lush colors and hypnotic undulations of form, the work also aims to explore metaphysical questions of reality, identity and perception.  There are infinite variations of awareness which is both beautiful and problematic. Our differences often push us apart but developing empathy and seeking ways to connect is crucial for our survival. The goal is to challenge one's concept of absolute and find value, pleasure and learning in all the "in-between" moments.