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"Found Feathers" works by Alexandra Bowers

Reception for the artists:
First Friday July 7th, from 7-9
July 1-31

Found Feathers, are 45 feathers found on different days, at different times. Some feathers were found individually, some collectively. They act as personal reminders for me to stop, look, and appreciate the little things that make up the “in between” spaces that construct our days. In my case, it’s usually running errands, walking to and from my car, and getting the mail.

What are we thinking about during the moments between moments? Where do we need to be next? What do we need to check off on our “to do” list? Our lives are so easily filled, its often hard for me to remember what I did a day or two ago.

Each moment of everyday can so easily be filled, when do we give ourselves pause to think of nothing? To appreciate what’s naturally around us.

Found feathers also asks some simple questions; what kind of bird did this feather come from? Where was it heading when it lost this feather? It also perpetuates us to ask some larger questions as humans: where are we going? What is next on our journey through this life? And finally, what mechanisms are we using to propel us forward to get to those destinations?