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"Entangled." works by Andrew King

Reception for the artist:
First Friday March 4th, from 7-9
March 1-31

In our March show, “Entangled," Andrew King uses his art to manifest the fear, anger and anxiety caused by failing to live a truly creative life. King’s work depicts the darkness created by trapping oneself in a place of true unhappiness and using art to claw out.

The works in “Entangled” raise questions that are not new for a generation that was raised to “follow their dreams,” was told to “be whatever they want to be” and was encouraged that they can “do anything they set their minds to.” This art asks, when we’ve been taught such freedom, why do we go to a job where we feel like we’re stitched to a desk chair, unable to move? Why do we put on a mask, like a strange wireframe version of ourselves, to cover up who we really are?

King’s art makes real his belief that, no matter the medium, art is a materialization of feelings, thoughts and emotions. A painting, sculpture, photograph or poem can move people in profound ways because its essence is not created from paint or clay or the click of a shutter. Instead, it is created by layering feelings, thoughts and emotions into a physical form, using an artist’s material only as a conduit.

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