Elise Leutwyler  |  Fibers

I approach art as a means to let a person’s mind wander from the every-day and connect with their inner child, whose eyes still see the world as a place where anything can happen. I believe everyone felt a wide-eyed adoration of the world or at least yearned for it when they were young. Kids want to play and be happy, but as we grow older we learn about responsibility and forget that becoming an adult is about balancing that responsibility with our childlike excitement, not eradicating it.

My art encourages us to nurture or even rekindle that lost connection to our inner child; the connection to a time when adult stresses weren’t part of our lives. I make crocheted hats of the most awesome nature. Whether it's the monster under your bed or your favorite cuddly animal, having it warm your brain ball is always fun.