Doug Irish  |  Wood

After some 45 years as a civil trial lawyer, Doug Irish is now a Special Assistant to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and shortly will become the offices’ Chief Counsel for its Civil Services Division. He and his wife Carolyn live in Scottsdale where they recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Doug says he has been “messing around with woodworking of one kind or another since I first got my hands on a bandsaw as a Cub Scout.” About 20 years ago they built a new home for which he made most of the furniture, “New Mexico Territorial style, partly to fit the style of the house, mostly because it’s kind of crude which fit my skill level.” More recently, after they “downsized” their home, he’s made some more sophisticated and traditional furniture for it (chairs, tables, entertainment center, etc.). But having filled up their “new” home, he’s been making smaller projects, either constructed or turned on a lathe: boxes, bowls, plates etc. He particularly likes making toys for kids that “work and require some imagination.” (cars, trains, trucks, gadgets, puzzles)