Diana Kilber  |  Ceramic

Years ago I fell in love with pottery and that love affair hasn’t ended yet. I still remember the first time I held a ball of clay in my hands. It was a "WOW" and "look what I can do with this" experience. My first work was a hand-built, terracotta clay bowl with a handle and a navy glaze onthe inside. Since that time I have made thousands of functional pieces. Some of my pots are shown in these pages, but the majority are displayed in the homes of friends, family and other people.

I sell Real Estate to make a living and I make pots because I absolutely love doing so and the process helps me keep balance in my life. In the past I donated most of my pottery to various charity projects but I have recently started selling it as well. If there is anything you are interested in feel free to contact me. I've been involved for many years with the "Empty Bowl" projects with local potters throughout the United States make bowls to fight hunger. We make thousands of bowls a year and sell sell them at luncheons to raise funds to fight hunger in our communities. In recent years I have involved my family, friends and clients in decorating bowls.