Dan Basinski  |  Wood

I live at Seldom Creek in Star Valley, Arizona. My studio is a log barn that matches the house that my wife, Linda Nannizzi, a clay artist and I have been building for 20 years. I have been a woodworker of one kind or another for over 20 years. I come by it honestly as my dad and grandfather were also woodworkers. My current works are wooden cooking and serving utensils for discerning chefs made from exotic hardwoods.

I started making utensils about 5 years ago when Linda, a culinary alchemist and user of many wooden utensils, wore out a spoon from another source and asked me to make another. I did, plus a few other pieces for wedding gifts. The pieces were so well received that a new chapter in my life was started. All of the pieces are hand carved and ergonomic, begging to be used. Using, cleaning and oiling the pieces mature and enrich the wood. I like to think of my work as heirloom quality, to be passed on. Enjoy the pieces you choose!