C.A.T. Cunningham  |  Glass

C.A.T. Cunningham is a Phoenix based artist intent on making a strong statement of environmentally friendly art, helping to raise awareness that art can be beautiful, functional and resourceful. She studied Mixed Media Fine Art at Arizona State University and found a passion for glass.

Her work runs the gamut from whimsical to practical in an unlimited array of imagery. In addition to recycled glass as her medium, she incorporates fused glass, Tiffany style stained glass, natural wood, stone and a multitude of “rescued” found objects. All these elements combine to create a lasting work of art that is practical, unique and decorative. From her earliest childhood, C.A.T. has had a passion for environmentalism and cleaning up Arizona’s deserts, “My art is a culmination of my entire life’s passion for environmental stewardship and my overwhelming need to create,” says C.A.T. 

She was featured on Channel 12 for her environmental artwork and in February’s 2010 issue of Phoenix Magazine. She is also an artisan at the Arizona Renaissance Festival in February & March each year.