Cathi Borthwick  |  Metal

Blacksmith Cathi Borthwick, owner of Flag Forge, has been creating hand forged wrought iron for the home since 1982 at her shop in Flagstaff, AZ. When she was first introduced to blacksmithing by a friend, it wasn’t love at first sight; it was more of a battle with Cathi trying to bend the steel to her will. When she finally learned to work with the steel, the fun began. When the steel is at its working heat (2000°F), it is similar to modeling clay and can be forged into all kinds of wonderful forms.

Exploring what she can do with the steel while also working out the logistics of making a functional work of art keeps Cathi intrigued. Emphasizing the fun in FUNctional, she creates pieces of lasting beauty. She has a line of wrought iron that includes lamps, candleholders, furniture, fireplace equipment, towel bars and other bathroom fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, coat racks, and kitchen racks. In addition to this line of work, Cathi also creates one of a kind pieces and works with her clients on custom projects.

Cathi's goal is to make something that gives the user joy – because the piece actually functions as it should but also has some soul. She often uses imagery from nature and likes the idea that you can have bits of nature scattered around inside your home. She also likes the clean lines of the Art Deco period and designs some of her pieces with that in mind.