Carol Freitag  |  Ceramic

I enjoy expressing my feelings and attitudes through my art. You can see that I am seriously preoccupied with nature in my work. I feel like I am constantly striving for the finished combination of glaze, texture, line, brightness or subtlety that will encourage visual and tactile interaction with the cup, teapot or canister. Sometimes I like to recreate a whole scene or experience of nature, the water or stream, rocks, lichen, mosses, sky and clouds in a single piece. When I can accomplish this, it brings peace.

In another piece, I might just want to express bold color and movement like the experience of water or branches blowing in the wind. Movement or balance, or its fleeting nature, is another theme I enjoy seeing in a piece. I often think I will progress into a large sculpture, but then I find a new sculptural element has been introduced into my piece or method as the clay seems to yield more easily.