Bill Letterman  |  Wood  |  Glendale, AZ

Artist Statement

My interest in turning wood started about 10 years ago, after viewing a wood working series on the Learning Channel. I began turning pens, progressed to bowls and vases and then moved into more advanced techniques of inlays, segmented bowls, boxes and jewelry boxes, and burl pieces utilizing an Aluminite plastic as a filler. I have attended many wood working work shops both here in Arizona, but also in California, to perfect my skills, but have also taught myself many of the techniques I use today. The woods I use vary from domestics to exotics based on their availability, the finishes I utilize also depend on the piece and how it will be used. I continue to perfect my craft and expand my knowledge and skills to create one of a kind pieces and custom pieces based on a buyer’s request.

Q&A with Bill Letterman

What process/materials did you use to create your artwork?  My artwork is created using various types of wood, both exotic & domestic. I also use various types of finishes including oils, lacquers and polishes. The process itself depends on what my design entails so it also varies.

What inspires you to create and what inspires your work?  What inspires me is the challenge to create different and unusual pieces, the challenge to learn a new method & project type and I am inspired by the beauty of the wood that my designs bring out.

If you had to describe your artwork in 5 words or less, what words would you use?  Beautiful, unique, one of a kind

What other artists inspire you? What's your favorite art work?  Inspired by the legends in the woodworking world-Ray Allen, David Marks, Malcolm Tibbetts, and Don Russell.

What do you want your viewers to know about you as an artist (if anything?)  I take pride in every piece that I create and strive to make certain that my art is beautifully crafted and respects the wood for its beauty.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?  Measure twice & cut once and never say I can't do that.

What is your favorite artist tool?  The lathe is my most favorite tool.

What do you like about your work?  The process of taking and creating something beautiful & unique.

How has your practice or process changed over time?  I constantly challenge myself to create different pieces using new techniques and skills that I have self taught.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?  WOW, OMG, that is beautiful, how did you do that.

Why art?  Why not art? Woodworking is relaxing and calming.