Aimee Marcinko  |  Ceramics

Inspiration in art derives from other encouraged artists and that is exactly how I launched into action creating and motivating myself to move forward. I began painting with the encouragement of my elementary art teachers and have greatly moved on from there to ceramics. Within the complexities of my mind, I found how to motivate my hands into building each step one at a time, first starting with basic ideas then twisting these thoughts into more enhanced art forms. I do not limit myself on one idea, medium, concept or style as each of my perceptions are continuously altering and grows into another thought. My paintings and two-dimensional art forms represent our everyday occurrences with a with playful reminders of being a child, but I have truly found my niche in ceramics. At first, I attempted and succeeded in capturing the basic forms of animals and humans then I developed sculptural technique by applying this to pottery.

Right now, I have a passion to paint repetative patterns on porcelain reminding me of animal skin being streached over functional forms. I place highly detailed shapes with values all over my forms. By looking at pieces from shows, art walks, exhibits, galleries, and museums, I am able to continue to be inspired and will soon develop a style of my own. My progression of creating art forms will never end, but it will be a very fulfilling journey.