Andrea Bapst  |  Jewelry

Aurelio (my guy) and I have been transforming vintage silverware into unique one of a kind conversation pieces since 2006! We were inspired by a man that we saw making it in San Fransisco when we were there on vacation. So when we came back home we began to search for silverware locally. We broke a lot of stuff in practicing because it's not really a craft that people are willing to trade secrets! The most common question asked is if we heat it when making it. We use zero heat. We beat it to death with a hammer, so it's very caveman style. This gives each piece a rough, tough, organic, and raw look. We wire brush every (front side of the) pendant to allow the original patina to streak through. The back side never gets cleaned because we want show what a rough life it lived. Our work is perfectly imperfect. We have up-cycled 100's of custom pieces for families all over the valley that want to carry a memory of a family member. We love seeing people smile once they've seen their great grandmother's old silverware transform into wearable conversation pieces. It's super sentimental. Our best seller hands down is the Elefork. All of their trunks are up for good luck. They symbolize loyalty, friendship and strength. Their bond is like no other. No two are ever alike, so it's really about finding the one that speaks to you. To this day, we still hunt for every piece locally. This is the Best. Craft. Ever.