Aaron Voight  |  Metal

I was exposed to industrial design sensibilities at a early age. My father welded his way around the world for the U.S. Army and brought his methods and experience back home to his family's garage. He started teaching me the fundamentals of welding and fabrication at a very young

At 14 my mother was diagnosed with beast cancer and her battle began. During this same time my older brother was battling his own addictions with narcotics. Our life was very erratic. By age 20 I had lost them both. Our home went from eight down to two. The relationship with my
father and his craft grew stronger with every project.

After years of projects together my work started to take its own direction. I started making furniture and elaborate art pieces. It became my outlet and ultimately my peace. My work takes me to a time and place of innocents, humor and love.

With items sourced from such diverse products as old manufacturing machines, aircraft, cars, household fixtures and who knows what, my robots come alive with the history of the donor machine parts. My parts are found hiding out in junk yards, old business, yard sales, friends
garages and swap meets. The endless hunt for these parts brings me to some very interesting places full of even more interesting people all the time.

Its important to teach and share your knowledge with others that seek it. We are here to share and learn. My skills came about through many mentors over the years. I can't thank them enough for sharing their love. Keep your eyes and your hearts open.